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I recorded these bird sounds California in Orange County!

Driving for about 20 minutes outside of our apartment in Costa Mesa you will find yourself in a truly hidden gem! The Red Rock Canyon! It is not so easy to find this place but if you come here there are two access points where you can park and start! Get your sound equipment and follow the road from, Portola Pkwy or Santiago Canyon. Besides birds, you can find in this wilderness other animals from a snake to a mountain Lyon!

But for now, I present you two different bird sounds! I drove around the Red Rock Canyon and honestly, it was so hard to find a quiet spot and if you find something then you have an airplane or the freeway sound in the background!

I know these are not my best recordings but I still like to share it with all of you and who knows maybe somebody can still use it!

I combine two recordings in one wave file! In the first two minutes, you can hear the birds and two dogs barking in the background! These dogs stopping at the same point and you have the birds and a little bit of traffic noise in the next part.

If you curious where I did this recording, here is the exact spot!

After this, I drove down to the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary what was already closed! I walked along the way and did some field recording but nothing is usable! They have some really cool woodpeckers but somebody decided to clean his car and the woodpeckers stopped picking!

At the South Coast Plaza Mall!

The second bird sound was not on purpose! I always carry my Zoom with me because you never know what could happen! We stopped at the South Coast Plaza to get some Yoga Pants at Lulu Lemon! Anyway, all that I was interested in was this bird sound and first I didn’t know where to look because I couldn’t see the birds until I stand right next to them! They have a huge nest right in the Parking Lot Area and they didn’t stop talking! I made a six-minute recording only on the Zoom H6!

The exact location is here!

“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach”.

Henry Beston

…and now I invite you to download two bird sounds from California! One more month and we heading back to Iowa and Vietnam! I promise to get some better bird sounds from there! If you have friends and you feel like they could benefit from this sound as well, please share this post!

Bird Sounds  California at Red Rock Canyon

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Bird sounds California at South Coast Plaza

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