Bathroom Shower Sounds

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I was working on my previous recordings from the past as I got an email with the request if I could record shower sounds and of course that is the easiest thing to do. We have such a nice apartment here in Chiangmai and the shower is great. The featured image is from Pixabay so we are not living that fancy but still, its a great apartment with everything what we need and the bathroom is great.

shower sounds

The shower is behind a glass door and I fixed the DPA 4060 on the glass. I attached the pair to the new Zoom F4 field recorder and hit the record button. I forgot to change back to 96 kHz so the recording is 192 kHz but you can always downsize on your own. If not shoot me a message and I do this for you.

I did the normal things what people do in the shower. Washing hair and body and after four minutes I was done.  I will upload a bath tube with water filling sound that I recorded in a hotel in Arizona and I think I am going to create a Bandcamp album out of it. Stay tuned for that. Oh, by the way, I have already a bathtub filling sound on the page right HERE.


Zoom F4 Field Recorder
DPA 4060 with the Rycote Windjammers
File length and size: 4:00 min/276.6 MB
Bitrate: 192/24 (too high I know :))

Now, feel free to hit the download button if you can use this sound for your projects as well and I am happy to help. If you have any sound requests don’t hesitate to ask me. We are the next 3 months in Chiangmai, Libby is super busy and I have way more time then her so shoot me a message on Facebook or sent me an email at

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