Baggage Claim Sound Effects ! LAX Terminal Seven

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Recording Baggage Claim Sound Effects at LAX Terminal Seven in Los Angeles

Libby came back from New York City and landed with United at Terminal 7! This Terminal has more than 11 gates and was opened in 1962 and serves as a base for United Airlines.

Just when I arrived to pick up Libby, a huge crowd of people arrived with her to pick up the luggage at the baggage claim.
What really surprised me was, that anybody, including me, could just walk into the baggage claim area from the outside of the building! There was no security! I could just come and pick up any suitcase and disappear.

Lucky I had the Zoom H6 Recorder with me and was able to could record some really cool sound effects while Libby was waiting for her luggage!

The soundtrack is five minutes long and recorded with the Zoom H6 and the XY stereo microphones! By the time I was recording, I would say the Baggage Claim had about 200 people!

 These Baggage Claim Sound Effects are included

-people talking “walla walla” sound effect
-people laughing sound
-baggage or luggage moving around sound
-people walking  and you can hear this squeaking sound with the shoes
-the squeaking noise from the treadmill with the luggage

Location where I recorded Baggage Claim Sound Effects

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If you want more sound effects from the LAX airport then I have this updated album for you!

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