Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects – Vietnam

Recording Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects In The Morning – Hoi An Farmers Market, Vietnam

I love waking up super early in the morning! Yes, I really do because not only you get stuff done it is just awesome to  be a part of a special “crowd” of people. I believe morning people are the more happy people. Everybody says “Good Morning” on the street like a special thing what only morning people share.

I remember a few months ago in Los Angeles. I drove at 3 AM to Long Beach to record sounds at theSan Pedro Saturday Night fish market. Fantastic binaural recordings. Click the link if you like to check it out!

It was such a fantastic recording and now I did the same here in Hoi An. Not 3 am but 6 am and I was just curious to see what is going on in the markets around this time.

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I came here and the vendors are already in a hurry and you should have seen all the fresh delivered ingredients. Nothing that you will see in the same freshness in the daytime. The people who worked here were surprised to see me or a “westerner” that early in the morning. The most tourist go out in the evening to walk along the streets.

Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects

It was fun and everybody was very friendly besides this one grumpy lady. I guess I “stole” her spot to place my equipment. She passed me and gave me this strange look but what can we do. I left the area after I had these recordings finished and oh wonder she was happy again.

Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects

If you curious about roaming around with all the equipment I never felt unsafe or had the feeling somebody is watching me. Vietnam is such a fantastic country and  I plan on going back to Vietnam in January 2019 to drive across the country on a motorbike and record sounds.

Recording Location Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects In Hoi An, Vietnam

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” » Marcus Aurelius

Asia Crowds Market Sound Effects

If you wondering what the “fuzzy” thing is, it’s my Rycote Super Blimp and now enjoy this market sound ambient that I recorded at the main market intersection in Hoi An.
The file is about 11 minutes long and has 360 megabytes. Enjoy the sound 🙂

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom H6 369 USD
Rycote Super Blimp 279 USD
Rode NTG4+ 399 USD

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