Airport Sound Effects Los Angeles

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Welcome to Airport Sound Effects Los Angeles!

We spent 3 months in Orange County and Libby flew, I would say 6 times out of LAX and came back of course! That gave me the opportunity to record a few ambient sounds for you!
You can download the Full Album for free from Bandcamp including

  • Binaural Recordings at Terminal 3 with Check-In (Roland CS 10EM)
  • Binaural Recording Delta Terminal 2-3 with awesome crowd walla and traffic sound recordings outside of the Terminal (Soundman OKM II Rock Studio)
  • Airplane Landing Sounds (2 Airplanes 3 Versions)
  • Car Doors Open and Closing in the Parking Garage
  • Cars and Bus Traffic Recorded from the Parking Garage
  • People Walla at the Baggage Claim
  • 1.4 GB and 40 Minutes of total sounds!

Airport Sound Effects Los Angeles

You can download from here or from the end of the blog post!

1. Binaural Recordings at Terminal 2-3 Delta Airlines!

One of my favorite recordings at LAX! Walking around with my Soundman binaural microphones and recording sounds inside and outside of the Terminal. (16 minutes)
What can you expect in this recordings:

  • a woman comes closer and closer in my direction
  • going outside and you can listen to the door opening
  • traffic sound
  • amazing sound of the hydraulic “whoosh”
  • sound effects from the bus in front of me
  • cleaning sound of a garbage truck
  • bus door opening and people coming in and out
  • taking the escalator outside
  • walking back into the building again
  • crowd walla in the Terminal

2. Binaural recording at Terminal 3!

Libby flew with Virgin Air to NYS and she had an overweight luggage (8 minutes). I recorded this and other great sounds in this recordings

What can you expect in this recordings:

  • Check-In Counter with overweight suitcase
  • walking around Terminal 3
  • crowd “Walla”
  • unpacking and unzipping the suitcase
  • many beeping sounds

Airport Sound Effects Los Angeles

3. Terminal 7 Baggage Claim

Libby came back and landed at Terminal 7 and it was a busy time when she arrived (5 minutes).

What can you expect in this recordings:

  • a lot of “walla”
  • suitcases rolling on the floor
  •  beeping sounds
  • luggage taking down from the conveyor belt

4. Terminal 6 Airport Vehicle Traffic from Parking Garage

I parked my car at the Terminal 6 Parking Garage and recorded the street traffic (5 minutes).

What can you expect in this recordings:

  • Buses and cars driving by, stopping and driving away
  • the typical bus “whoosh” from the hydraulic
  • cars honking sounds

5,6 and 7. Airplane Landing Sound

Airport Sound Effects Los Angeles

What can you expect in this recordings:

  • I was standing behind the main landing field and recorded the sound of two incoming airplanes.
  • recording 5 is the first airplane
  • recording 6 is the second airplane
  • recording 7 are both planes in one file mixed.
  • around 4:30 minutes all sounds together

LAX has always two incoming flights so I mixed them together. If you like you can lower the volume from the second plane and pan it to the right to get the feeling one plane is above you and the other one is coming from the right site.

8. Open and Closing Doors At Terminal 5 Parking Garage

This sound was a sound request on Reddit who needed this unique sound (1:30).

What can you expect in this recordings:

  • I open and close the left and the right door plus the hedge back of the car a few times.
  • Background airport sound from the street
  • Buses
  • cars and buses honking

That was a fun recording and the next airport album that I am working on right now, is an album with all airport sounds from around the world that I have already recorded like:

  • LAX, USA
  • Atlanta, USA
  • Chicago, USA
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Seoul, South Korea

and upcoming Airports like:

  • Danang, Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Denpasar, Indonesia

Airport Sound Effects Los Angeles

There is no other airport in the world which serves so many people and so many airplanes. This is an extraordinary airport… it could be classed as one of the wonders of the modern world.

— President John F. Kennedy, dedicating the Chicago O’Hare airport, 23 March 1963

…..…and now I invite you to download this “LAX Airport Sound Album”!

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