Airport Sound Effects! Hongkong International Airport Binaural

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Recording Airport Sound Effects In Hongkong!

I think flying into Hongkong was one of the most interesting and beautiful scenery I have ever seen. I saw so many airports in the last year and in most of them, I record sounds. If I have the time or not if its an interesting airport with even more interesting sounds I turn on my recorder. “Next airport sound from Houston, TX is coming soon or you can find them in my “Secret Sound Library” already.

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Sadly we had only one and a half hour at the international airport in Hongkong and had to rush to catch our connecting flight to Japan.
I remember when we arrived we are already way too late and the problem was that we had to leave the airport to get our luggage and re-check-in with another airline.

We arrived at the immigration and the line was so long that it is nearly impossible to get through this. Honestly, the same line in the US or Germany? Forget about it.

The line moved so quickly and the staff was so efficient. Everything was just super organized and it was so much fun watching the line moving.

I wish other airport managers around the world would come here and learn from it. It was amazing. 25 minutes later we are at the baggage claim and yes, we are the last two people who entered the plane and made it on on time.

Let’s talk about the field recording at the airport and what I captured.

For the equipment, I used the Soundman OKM II Rockstudio binaural microphones together with the Tascam DR-07 Mark 2. I had the microphones in my ear and captured the soundscape while walking. So don’t forget your headphones.

airport sound effects

After we left the plane we had to run to the airport train and its called the “Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover” It connects all terminals with a speed of 62 km/h and can carry up to 152 passengers. The train was full but not too overpopulated.

Inside the train, I could capture a lot of people walla, starting the train, stopping, door open and closing plus announcements.

In some parts of the recording is a little bit of wind noise but just a few seconds.

After we left the train we run up the escalator with a bunch of people and I capture this walking sounds and people pushing their luggage around. I got these sounds all covered.

The airport itself creates this really nice for an airport typical reverb. I enjoyed it and I stopped recording before we arrived at the immigration.

Download Airport Sound Effects from Hongkong here

I think we have some really nice airport sound effects covered and now I invite you to download these and use for your next projects! Private or commercial use. In the recordings are eventually third-party sounds that are under copyright included so make sure not to use them. I keep them to give people an authentic feeling of how the airport in Hongkong sounds like.

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