Air System Sound Effects For Drone and Sound Design

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While we drove across the country from Orange County to Iowa I was able to record different air blowers along the way in gas stations, hotels or grocery stores! In Orange County itself, I recorded some air condition in our house, a friends house and at Laguna Beach.

After we flew from Atlanta to Seoul and I recorded the air system in the toilet room and in Vietnam I parked our motorbike in a basement parking garage and recorded a fantastic sounding air blower down in the parking lot of a grocery store! In this album, I have 10 different air blowers and I will add more in the future!

Here is the list and you can download all sounds at once from my Bandcamp Account or out of my Sync Cloud with all other sounds!

  1. In The Boeing 777 Toilet Room
  2. Colorado Hotel Toilet Room
  3. Iowa Private House Toilet Room
  4. Kansas Gas Station Public Toilet
  5. Laguna Beach Restaurant Outside Air System
  6. Inglewood Industrial Exhaust Air System
  7. Nebraska Gas Station Toilet Room
  8. Orange County Private House Old Air Condition
  9. Orange County Ship Container Air System
  10. Vietnam Da Nang Basement Parking Garage Air System

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