6 AM at the food market in Hoi An, Vietnam!

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Hoi An Market

I love waking up early! Yes, I really do because not only you get stuff done it is just awesome to the see how the world slowly wakes up and everything starts to rotate. I remember a few months ago driving at 3 AM to Los Angeles for a sound recording at the San Pedro Fishmarket in Long Beach.
It was such a fantastic recording and I did the same here in Hoi An. Not 3 AM but 6 AM and I was just curious to see what is going on in the markets this time. I have two more market recordings by the way. One is published as binaural in my Sound of Vietnam Album and one is a new one that I am going to publish very soon!

Hoi An Market, Vietnam

So I came here and people are already in a rush and you should have seen all the fresh delivered ingredients. Nothing that you see in the daytime but I guess the vendors thought the same about me. The look “A westerner here at this time?” It was fun and everybody was friendly besides this one lady. I guess I “stole” her spot to place my equipment. She passed me and gave me this strange look but what can we do. I left after the recording and oh wonder she was happy again.

Hoi An Market, Vietnam

If you Guys are curious, roaming around with my equipment and it’s still visible I never felt unsafe or anything yet happened. No really, Vietnam is fantastic and we leaving in a few days and you should really visit Vietnam and explore the country and the culture. Next time we come to Vietnam we do the country on a motorbike. Bali is a different story and I am more aware and going to use more my new DPA if they arrive!

NOTE: Arriving on Wednesday in Singapore :)!!!

Where I did the recording…

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” » Marcus Aurelius

Hoi An Market, Vietnam

If you wondering what the “fuzzy” thing is, it’s my Rycote Super Blimp and now enjoy this market sound ambient that I recorded at the main market intersection in Hoi An.
The file is about 11 minutes long and has 360 megabytes. Enjoy the sound 🙂

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