Cars and Trucks Sounds At The 4th Street Bridge Viaduct! LA City Sounds

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I got a sound request from a user on Reddit who said it would be nice to catch some sounds from the 6th Street in Los Angeles but unfortunately, this bridge is gone. The Demolition began in April 2016.

Many of you know that this bridge was an icon for the City of Los Angeles and took places in so many movies like Terminator, The Dark Night Rises and in the probably last Movie Furious 7!

But in the shadow of the 6th Street Viaduct or let’s say just a stone throw away is another great bridge and I think this Bridge will have a great future in many upcoming movies.


The 4th Street Bridge was built in 1928, it is one of the few remaining catenary or curved, arch bridges in the city Los Angeles and goes of the railway and above the Los Angeles River!

But just how Robert Winter said:
“The river is nothing, but the bridges are sensational.”

He is right! If you walk along this areas it gives you a special feeling! I know I wouldn’t come here in the night time, but maybe I would? It has this magical magnetic feeling that flows through your body when you just think about how it would be here at night time?

But until then I recorded this sound at daytime from all three sides and all areas creates a different sound!

1. When I recorded under the bridge on the Santa Fe Street Side a lot of construction was going on and the street for the road traffic was newer. More people came by and overall it was just more traffic with more working warehouses around.
Not far away from the place is a warehouse where parts of Iron Men 2 was filmed.

You see there is a lot going on this neighborhood.

2. When I drove on the other side of the bridge you feel like you are in a totally different space! These are the spots where you think. Men, that must be out of a dark movie. It stinks, it is dirty and a lot a graffiti everywhere and the road has so many bumps what creates this special sound when the cars and the trucks driving over these street holes. But everything is so authentic and real! It is fun to be here!

3. I walked up the bridge from the 4th street, mission road site and walked exactly to this spot! If you look at the street view photo, nothing is like this! Somebody must live here. A bed with a lot of trash fills the area.

Before I started recording a truck came by really really fast and almost blew my stuff away! You can see this in the beginning of the video! 🙂

The traffic on top of the bridge was not too busy but it was very windy. I am so happy that I bought this new Windshield! The difference is insane!

These are the 3 sounds from the 4th Bridge! it was super fun to record at this wonderful spot in Los Angeles and I hope you can use it in many projects!

Here are the exact locations:

Sound One was recorded HERE!
Sound Two was recorded HERE!
Sound Three was recorded HERE!

The equipment I used to capture the sound and the video + the Software that I used to edit the video!

You can download the sound from here by clicking on the Icon in the Media Player!

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